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Wild Reindeer Velvet Antler Extract – Epsorin

Wild reindeer antlers in their velvet stage contain a wide assortment of biologically active substances, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.
EPSORIN is made from antlers and is the richest, the most biologically active and effective natural preparation in the world!
EPSORIN will pleasantly surprise you as it will rejuvenate, normalize and tone your body.

Epsorin effects

immunity regulation


Cell regeneration

Hormone regulation

Skin health

Blood health

Nervous system

Dental health

Cardiac muscle function


Bone health

Muscle health


Secret of good health

Use of Epsorin

Use of Epsorin

Our body is a perfect, biological mechanism, which is able itself to handle most of the outside threats. Main secret of good health is letting it function normally. Normal functioning of the body can be ensured only by supplying it daily with all the  nutrients it needs. Even a healthy and balanced diet cannot ensure us with all the tiny compounds we need. Even though they can be found in the nature, they disappear when we storage and cook products or when they come in contact with our stomach acid. When we don’t supply our body with one of the nutrients it needs, we destroy it’s main protection,  immunity, that way exposing us to various illnesses.

Reindeer velvet antlers


From ancient times until now, deer has been one of the most important raw materials in traditional eastern medicine.
Thirteen organs and body parts of this regal animal are used for medical purposes, but especially antlers in their velvet stage. Collection of the velvet antlers doesn’t hurt the animal and is similar to sheep shearing. The velvet antlers are collected once a year, so they would manage to grow back until winter. Antlers are used as a medicine to survive in Yakutia – a place with the harshest climate on the Earth . (read more)

Epsorin contains


Epsorin raw material, reindeer antlers, provide an extremely rich complex of biologically active substances, vitamins and minerals.
Amino acids – all eight essential amino acids that are necessary for a normal metabolism. It also contains other 15 essential amino acids.
Protein – a biochemical compound consisting of one or more polypeptides, which provides energy for the body. (read more)